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Generate clean electricity to supply Irish homes and businesses.
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Make a significant contribution to the achievement of net zero emissions and a cleaner environment.
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Minimise impacts by utilising a mix of fixed and floating technology to enable the arrays to be located further from shore.

Economic and Social

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A multi-billion euro investment delivering significant benefits for the regional and local economy.
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Contribute to the establishment of a new offshore renewables industry in Ireland delivering significant business opportunities for local suppliers.
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Significant employment opportunities during construction and operation at local facility.
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Multi-million euro community benefit funds for a 15 year period.
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Contributing to securing Ireland’s energy supply.
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Supply Chain

Mainstream will bring opportunities for the local supply chain during development, construction and operation of the of North East Wind. If you are a contractor, supplier or a facilities and service provider that would like to be considered for supply chain opportunities, you can fill out the expression of interest form.

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Community benefit fund

Mainstream recognise that working closely with communities is a fundamental part of any project development. A community benefit fund will be established for coastal communities. We will work closely with stakeholders when establishing the schemes to ensure that local communities benefit in an optimal way.

Background graphic depicting wind turbines at sea.